It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to matchrematch (MRM) - an online platform that is dedicated to enabling individuals find love, hope and happiness again. Whether it’s people who are divorced or widowed, individuals who are single-parenting or co-parenting their kids, people who have decided to live alone or give marriage another shot, MRM exists to create a community of help, support, love and encouragement.

Our society is not particularly kind to the divorced or the widowed. We haven’t been able to break free of the dogma of our conservative past. With MRM we intent to change that!

We are a place where you can find first-hand, authentic information on the legal, emotional, societal, parental and personal aspects of divorce and remarriage. At MRM, we particularly champion the cause of second marriages through real-life stories of couples who have successful, happy and healthy second marriages.

We are driven by the purpose of creating content that will enable us as a society to be more compassionate and more empathetic towards individuals who are anyway grappling with a life-shattering experience like divorce or loss of a spouse. We are setting out to create an ecosystem that supports an individual’s right to pursue a life of their choices, even when it includes making a few wrong ones.

One story at a time, we want to create a world that is defined by possibilities and dreams, not by limitations.